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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 16, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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they were fly so the planes are flying today. many analysts say these are normal teething issue that hit all planes. nobody has been hurt and this has been the safest year for flying nationwide. there hasn't been a fatality in the u.s. in four years but they are working to fix problems before the p.r. mess gets worse. >> neil: i wonder if it's the companies getting worried with the orders are rescinded. companies say look, i don't want it. >> well, they have not had it happen. in fact, american just finalized order for 42 planes and say they will go up to 75. of course, all of that could be canceled in a heartbeat if the problems persist. >> neil: thank you, dan springer, great reporting. daven is in seattle. later on fox business i want you to meet the corn husker turned tax buster. the latest governor to give
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the income tax shove. do you notice a trend here? more and more governors, republicans governors are doing this. what are they up to? what are they really up to? tonight at 8:00. >> eric: hello, i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel,be dana perino and gregreg gutfeld is back! it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: as expected, president become become used kids as backdrop addressing the american people on the plans for a new gun control. here he is. just hours ago. >> these are smart letters from some pretty smart young people. hennah a third grader. you can wave. that's you. henna wrote, i feel terrible for the parents who lost their children.
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i love my country and i want everyone to be happy and safe. grant -- go ahead and wave, grant. grant said i think there should be some changes. learn from what happened at sandy hook. i feel really bad. >> eric: the president outlined a series of proposals including closing background check loopholes,be banning military style assault weapons and high capacity magazines, making schools safer and increasing access to mental health services. he then signed 23 separate executive actions. so let's start with the emotional appeal first. we'll get to the proposals in a second. what do you think about the president using kids as a backdrop. take it around the table, starting with you, ange. >> andrea: it's a p.r. stunt. whether it's a shrewd one or not. the publicbe will decide. it did think it was a little obviousbe when he released the letters to the children to the "associated press" before the
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press conference. one from a girl named julia. it seemed sophisticated for a young girl to write. it said i know you are supposed to go through congress but i'd like you to get something done for the united states. tough to be against a letter like that. >> eric: look, they want to sustain the momentum, as tragic as it is, off of what happened in newtown. these are kids the age of kids killed there. reading the letter is smart thing to do. >> dana: it probably helps him for 24-hour news cycle. one thing he said after newtown shooting it was one of the toughest days of the presidency. letters from all sorts of people and walks of life and
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the age group,be they help them make a point. instead of signing the executive orders is weak tea. i would be surprised if they actually helped prevent one of the shootings like newtown shooting. >> eric: we'll get proposals in a second. what about using kids as backdrop? >> greg: the left pioneered this. they love to use kids as props, unless it's pro-life rally. then it's uncomfortable when you see kids alive. that scares them. you can't argue with the children's logic, because they never say anything bad. you don't want kids running anything. if you read "lord of the flies" you know children don't make sound decisions if you give them power. it's way to create emotion because nobody except for a jerk like me will call them on
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it. it is a p.r. stunt. is it a shield that keeps the critics from coming at them. the fact is they have never done it at a pro-life rally so i don't buy it. >> andrea: how many letters do you think they got from kids asking for protection. how many letters did they get on obamacareing can him not to do that? got lost. >> let's talk about the proposals. four proposals we put up. like we said, 23 executive actions. i'm not sure what the rest of them is. this is weak. dabs maybe they think these are things that could help either clarify things or stopping being duplicative. others argue on the right that this is a slippery slope to more gun control, even though the supreme court affirmed twice in five years that individual right to own a gun
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is constitutional and has been upheld. >> eric: i don't know how you call it weak. >> eric: a chunk is mental health on that. the other thing is changing information about guns between states. 17 states won't allow any information to go out. there is also exchanging medical information. strong stuff in that. >> eric: can i ask about this one? number 18. providing incentives to hire school resource officers. does it mean putting a gun in the school? >> andrea: i don't mind that one as much. but it should be up to the locality and the school if they want to arm the schoolles. different school districts have different needs. it want to respond to something that bob said. if i were a doctor right now, i would be petrified, all the deputizing doctor talk.
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there is huge privacy issues. the common thread is everyone that did the massacre is very troubled. if you are a doctor you have to rat out patients. if you don't, you could be libel. so you want to get all the people mentally insane to the doctor's office, not drive them away from the doctor. there are a lot of people out there that will say i'm not going to see a doctor. no way, i don't want my name in a mental -- >> bob: there is a law to require doctors turnbe over information for someone who will complete a crime. >> eric: if you put it in writing, go to the doctor, the doctor doesn't put him on a registry. he goes out to kill someonebe. the family of the victims say hey, the doctor, didn't put him on the registry. sue the doctor. >> andrea: or a lot of doctors will probably say i don't want to treat mentally insane people. the liability. >> eric: whether they will get any of the major things through congress or 23 executive action. >> greg: it was 23, right?
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it reminds me when i used to go to a supermarket to buy 23 items and n order to mass it can one embarrassing item i didn't want anybody to see. so i'd have lightbulbs, scotch tape and the laxative or something hidden. if you wantbe the most useful thing is the one that the aclu hates, the law. in school shootings they're wounded before the police arrives so they are acting against is the action the only thing to save lives, which is police protection. a war between two cultures. media enclave that sees gun owner a ruse. even though gun could protect you. for rest of america gun is the tool the way new yorker's
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xanax prescription is a tool. >> bob: what is about the four things? i understand why the assault weapon probably can't get through. but the ten maximum clip? who in the right mind is againstbe that? you are discussing after the factbe tragedy. they shoot seven instead of ten so the solution is the police officer to know how to use a gun and prevent it from happening. pull up the picture of the two guns. one is assault weapon. one is a ban and one isn't. the difference is the pistol on the top. they will been a the gun because they have a pistol grip. it has the same gun. the next full screen, in this one, we talk about this before. if there is any question whether or not more guns or fewer guns means less crime, here it is again. 20 year period, the latest available data, 49% decrease
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in the violent crime. 49% decrease in murder rate. over about the same period of time. even a shorter period of time. the number of fire arms in american hands doubled. >> andrea: your point they are going after the wrong guns. if they want to do something, most crimes and most murders happen in 2011, 6,000 deaths were handgun and rifle. they're not evenbe talking about that. >> eric: no, no. >> bob: it's bull. >> eric: it's not bull. >> bob: give credit to police and the f.b.i. >> eric: we have to get it in there. this is important. this is a piece of the add. watch this. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school? mr. obama demands the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes
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but he is just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to fair share of security. protext for their kids -- protection for their kids and gun-free zone for ours. >> eric: bobbe, start that. >> bob: there is the punk ad. terrible ad. i made ads for years and that thingbe doesn't deserve to be on television. look he got in things that had nothing to do with guns. they went after obama's kids. >> greg: no, they didn't. >> eric: they didn't. >> bob: yes, they did. >> greg: no, no no, no. >> bob: you interrupted me. >> greg: i'm going to interrupt you again. i said this points two weeks ago. when rahm emanuel was going off aboutbe guns his kids are protected at a school. same with obama's kids. same with david gregory's kids. obama could have won over a lot of people if he said i want every child to be as safe as mine. that means to have security. that's all he has to say. he didn't say that. everybody had the right to have their kids as safe as president obama's. that is not a cheap ad. that is a factual ad. >> bob: they should have protection, secret service, every child has that.
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>> eric: we are talking about -- >> bob: this is a quaker school that does not have armed guards. >> eric: they have security. >> bob: not armed guards. >> andrea: aclu says this infringes on the kid's rights. how? the right to get shot up by a mad man? you can't take it seriously. >> eric: we have to leave it there. it saw the ad, dramatic and provocative. that's what they were going for. before we go, breaking news. this is very important. i'm told senator rand paul will introduce language within hours,be within hours to call for the nullification and prohibition of funding for the president's executive actions,be announced today. possibly evenbe using the federal courts to nullify and defund some of the things. that is coming out and should break any minute now. coming up, did president obama call out fox news in the gun control press conference? we have the tape, coming up next. ♪ ♪ this is $100,000.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: so i read obama's
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executive actions on guns and i noticed there was something missing. quentin tarantino. didn't joe's task force meet with the movie industry? i guess it's the hollywood lobby, not the gun lobby that flexes the real muscles here. the last flicks were revenge fantasies, historical fiction where the victims murdered the oppressors to a cheering audience. one had jews killing nazis. i haven't seen "jango unchained" but i'm sure they weren't cheering for a national conversation. why is it cool for hollywood to embrace fearless populus but if you do it's nuts? the idea is the same. it's cool to fight back. i am not advocating armed uprising, i'm too lazy. but the suspicions concerning the efforts to disarm them but at the time you act in a manner to disarm them makes you the villain.
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fearless populist helps keep a government honest which may be why eric holder wants gun owners to cower like smokers. we have seen the movie before. with the same fake actors. it doesn't end well. as usual, the audience is taken while the celebrities returned to the armed bodyguard and do what they really do best. swap coke dealers and hepatitis. in the seven-page executive summary they relegated movies to one mention. they called on all americans to do more. it's up to us. >> eric: do more of what? >> dana: i was surprised they didn't have anything in there. i was thinking about the shooter's mother who was trying to get help for her son. worried about it and i don't see anything in this, maybe i'm wrong but maybebe in the list there is a mental health services, medicaid plan thing
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must cover -- i think that we could possibly be missing an opportunity to figure out a way to help these moms and dads worried that kids have something seriously wrong with them and they're about to crack. >> eric: i'm reading through the 23, greg. they are really logical stuff like yeah, make sure the back ground checks are right. this is nothing more or less than obama using tragedy to promote ideology. the first things he recommends that congress do will never fly. on the fly, here you go.ou votee senate first. we can all see whose hands go up and says i'm for the things he recommended.
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>> bob: are you against background checks? >> eric: no. we do them. >> bob:be we don't do them. >> dana: not doing them well is different that not doing them. >> bob: trying to tighten up the rules aboutbe the mental health and exchange the information. one thing the cdc,be republican congress saw fit to cut their funding but they would be back dealing with what gun control -- i mean what gun advocacy has done to the guys that have the mental illnesses. >> andrea: gun advocacy? >> bob: the gun advocates are againstbe the cdc having the money to do a study with the mental health information. >> another washington study. you don't need a washington study to figure out a lot of the killers were loners, that weren't included. maybe the recommendation should be simple as if you see somebody, alone on the
2:21 pm
playground as a kid, maybe invite them to the circle. don't isolate them. i don't know. >> bob: what is your answer to the mental health problem? >> dana: it's not her responsibility to come up with an answer. >> andrea: i don't think there is one single answer. i don't think it's an easy solution. i can look at all the things on the list and say i don't think it will cut it. in the words of rob low, i don't think hollywood, as he said, should be lecturing the american people on guns. if you are supportive, you have a right to not be supportive but you should be troubled how the president is doing this. this is not passing through congress. >> dana: to the monologue point, where you talk about buying the 23 items. and hide the one.
2:22 pm
so i could have satisfaction of crossing something off the list and i'd add it to. number 11 is nominate atf director. why do you write an order to tell yourself to nominate somebody you should have nominated already? >> greg: that was a better metaphor than mine. >> dana: you have been gone for a while. >> andrea: but wants it to look like a really long list. a lot don't make sense. national data base for something --be >> bob: how about that for an idea? national data base of guns so people register their guns. >> andrea: do you think lanza would have said before i go to the style i'll put my name in a gun data bis or the colorado shooter? >> bob: why not? they'd have to. they'd have to. >> andrea: they have to? they follow the law very well. >> bob: you have to understand argument about whether mental helicopter should be part of this.
2:23 pm
quarter of this is aboutbe the mental health. >> eric: challenge the democrats. the democrats have the senate. go ahead, harry reid, bring it up for a vote. are you in favor of all president obama's recommendations? pass it through the senate first and let the house do it. that would be interesting if he does that. i think he was an nra backed candidate, too,be if i'm not mistaken. >> greg: do i have time to throw to the sot? we're doing it in the next block? great to be back. >> dana: people talking to you in your head. >> greg: it's happening again. i have to get out of here. coming up, should a reality show that features one father who has 11 kids with ten different women called beckel be on television? we told you about --be go ahead. >> two boys, you know, take responsibility. you can hate all you want to. i didn't ask for it. i just happened. >> greg: we told you about "all my babies' mommas" last weekbe but the network changed its mind about the show.
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome backbe to "the five." onebe thing we can agree on is another sandy hook should never happen again. the white house has been busy focusing on the gun control laws they haven't been busy working on the economy. they have also been busy demonizing their opponent. take a listen to president obama and his tone today at the press conference on gun control. >> this will be difficult.
2:29 pm
they will warn of ta tyrannical all-assault on liberty. not because it's true but they want to gin up fear for higher ratings or revenue for themselves. make sure nothing changes whatsoever. >> andrea: all right. so that was a little tasteless at a press conference like that. the economy is hurting. i want to read a couple of headlines on the economy to give you pause while the fun debate is going on. one, ranks of working poor is increasing. workers are raiding the funds to pay the bills. thaw may downgrade the united
2:30 pm
states. greg, does he not want to deal with this? >> greg: this is a real issue. this speaks to two different cultures in the united states. it's a prescription of xanax. you can have your gun, protection and security. lefties like john stewart paint gun owners as paranoid, the same time on sunday that bob schieffer likens obama's battle against the fun owners as a fight against the nazis. if you are in a country that the administration accuses you of ginning up propaganda and the media citing with you to call you nazis, your paranoia
2:31 pm
might be justified. >> andrea: this is on the heels of white house telling paul ryan it won't meet a budget deadline. 1300 days we still don't a budget. he is saying i've been busy. sorry, i wouldn't get to the budget thing. as i mentioned in the "a" block, president obama said newtown, connecticut, was the hardest day of his presidency. we sat around for a week and not only us but others saying we need to do something. the approach i would have suggested, is to try to figure out a way to make some of this bipartisan at the outset and do the executive orders on the back end of that effort. instead he put the cart in front of the horse, now the
2:32 pm
horse won'tbe go anywhere. >> andrea: he hasn't cut spending at all. it's not even on the radar screen. >> eric: i don't think this is a distraction. this is an important time, not only in the legacy but america. he said, here i come. get ready, ready to fundamentally transform america. this was right before he started in 2009. october of 2008. rahm emanuel said don't let a good tragedy go to waste because you can do things to fundamentally transform america. he is taking the tragedy, the sandy hook tragedy and using it to do what he promised, told us he would transform america. he has done nothing but trample on the constitution. >> andrea: he also told us he would balance the budget,be grow the economy, he cut spending. bob, i want you to react to this recent gallop poll that shows still, even though the safety of kids should be top of the list, americans believe
2:33 pm
economy is top of the list. all of those things are in big, big trouble. >> bob: it's up there with taxes. healthcare. immigration. education is below it. >> andrea: he can't do both or he won't? >> bob: first, you listen to these things the reason we're in trouble is the republicans refuse, they are holding us hostage on that. >> dana: that is not fair and it's not true. >> bob: it is too true. if they would come up dopped the right thing. >> dana: was it true in 2007 when obama voted against -- >> bob: i talked about this. a bad mistake to do it now. no it's the republicans fault? it is the republicans fault. unemployment increase for 15 straight months, manufacturing up. trade up. you look around the economy
2:34 pm
and things you listed you can pick them out. economy is growing across the board. back to a recovery. a strong recovery. >> greg: do you think in a weird way this is a distraction? there is another gun violence going on. going on in chicago. they choose not to discuss. that is interesting. >> andrea: wyoming and texas taking it in their own hands. >> bob: sometimes presidents take something and move it up. hitler marming against europe. in the polling, it was below. they get it in the people's screen. that is what the presidents have to do. >> andrea: he has had four years. directly ahead, oxygen network makes announcement about the controversial reality show. all what made them change their sunshine we will tell
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you coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story is kidnapping of dozens of westerners including some from the u.s. in algeria. tonight on "special report," islamic militants claim seven americans are among 41 people held at a natural gas complex, partially operated by b.p. it's said to be retaliation for algeria allowing french aircraft to use the air space to fight terrornist mali. we have live reports from london and pentagon on expanding war on terrorism. president obama unveils gun control initiative. calling for limit on magazines and universal background check for gun buyers.
2:40 pm
this is one expected in the outpost on libya and the extremist group released the images online. he is free from tunisia custody. now what? "special report" at 6:00. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: two topics to get to on "the five." last week we told you about a reality tv show. that featured atlanta wrapper. the claim to fame is fathering 19 children with ten different moms. what is his name? >> eric: shoddy. >> to you he might be known as rapper but in atlanta he is known for having 11 kids and ten babies' mommas. >> they say i'm the first lady.
2:41 pm
i am the baby's momma. >> you better listen. >> oxygen network decided to pull the plug on it after uproar. why are you laughing? >> i'm heart broken. >> greg: i was thinking of being the baby's momma. >> dana: anyway, there is public pressure. do you think it was pressuring oxygen the take it off the air? >> eric: we did the segment, train wreck tv says it makes money but it's color blind, we pointed out honey boo-boo. nothing to do with race.
2:42 pm
freddie i think with "buck wild" you make fun of rednecks. >> dana: do you think it's smart to take it off the air? >> bob: i think it's smart. there is racial sensitivity about it. listen to what they replace it with? fat girl revenge. find me my man. too young to marry. baby momma to fat girl revenge. that is a step in the right direction. >> eric: discriminatory about fat people. >> dana: they are committed to bringing young female
2:43 pm
audience. >> andrea: this is visual birth control for them. teach them to be more responsible. i don't know. program for women? fat girl revenge, a woman that loses weight and gets revenge on people who taunted her. proposed, they play tricks on girls who want to get engaged and are pressuring their boyfriends for a ring. which is kind of funny. >> dana: that is terrible. >> andrea: but that is edifying entertainment? change it from oxygen to carbon monoxide. >> dana: there is a california teacher, middle school science teacher to go along and teach science. but in her past, she spent nine months in porn industry asen actress. someone in the school started to talk about this and she got fired. she wasn't when she started teaching and they went to judge and upheld it. can't get her job back. >> bob: ridiculous and
2:44 pm
unfair. every indication she was a good science teacher try. ed to put something in her past behind her. all of with us sordid past, including myself, were denied any ability to make ourselves better, we wouldn't anywhere. she had financial troubles and tried to make money but to fire her for being a porn star is outrageous. >> andrea: are you crazy? we a porn-out society. the first they do is look up the movie called "big sausage pizza and not focus on the classroom. >> andrea: get a job at quiznos. make a sandwich.
2:45 pm
>> eric: the teacher, union stood up for her. teachers doing the craziest thing you heard of. >> dana: i think this is terrible. he is should be given her job back. >> greg: there has to be consequences for decisions you make. if there were no consequences -- >> dana: but then if you -- >> greg: tried to change your life. i agree. there is a second chance for people. >> andrea: not if you do porn and want to be a high school teacher. >> bob: go to qui.nos and she may have had experience but it's not the point. >> andrea: it's too distracting for students, that
2:46 pm
says the intrepid students managed to identify her. >> dana: the fellow teachers, jealous fellow teacher, a woman, who ratted her out and got her fired. it's wrong. coming up, a new study reveals what men don't want to see women wearing at the office. you might be surprised. and bob beckel, fashion maven will tell us what is and is not appropriate attire when we come back. ♪ ♪ so you say men are superior drivers?
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i don't even miss dessert. slimful and a glass of water... eating less is a beautiful thing.
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>> bob: attitude about clothes and britain in the work place found a third of men want women to stop revea reveal -- stop wearing revealing outfits. i don't know where they found these men. sheer blouses, 41%. does it bother you? >> eric: you said it. where was this done? >> in the in the u.c. have you seen the women in the u.c.? >> what is the obesity rate? honestly. if you take a look at the number and you compare it, maybe there is a reason they don't necessarily want the things in the office. that is not the point i was
2:51 pm
going to make. i was going to make a more salient point. >> greg: do you know what it's like every day to go in and there is bill hemmer in his leather chaps and the mesh shirt. this disgusts me. i feel abused by bill. he does it. he doesn't care. >> bob: what do you think about low-cut tops? >> andrea: in the workplace? they probably are distracting. but here is the point of the survey. every man knows that what they say in their relationship personally and professionally will be used against them.
2:52 pm
so what are they going to say? they would be labeled pervert. >> bob: i don't care if she walks in the bedroom to get caught shooting say your eyes are bad. >> dana:be can i make a point. why the guys said this. most people,be men and women when they are in business, they are there to run a business. make money. make a profit. if you have women inappropriately dressed -- i don't think this is necessarily personal about them. i am right on this. >> greg: men don't complain about this stuff. women complain aboutbe other women. >> dana: if you are a manager and you want to do a presentation and you have a woman who dresses inappropriately at the office you would not want them to wear this. it hurts business. >> andrea: i don't think so. i think most men don't care but they don't want to be labeled the office pig. eric and greg, take bob out, if you were asked, you don't want to be labeled did you
2:53 pm
hear what greg said? he loves if we wear mini skirts. >> bob: there is something on the list. crocs. who wears that? uggs. >> dana: young women should not wear them inside the office. to and from the car or subway i agree. but instead of shuffling through life. there is somebody i know and they walk along. they don't get promoted if you wear it in the office. >> bob: what is wrong with you people? one more thing is up next. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
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>> eric: time for one more thing. kicking it off danarama. >> dana: prince harry, he was named most eligible bachelor. but account town and country magazine." i know he might seem unattainable but i know of another bachelor. our own bob beckel. he has impeccable table manners. he knows when to use a knife and fork. he has incredible sense of humor and he can use diplomacy and apologize if someone takes offense. >> are we on?
2:58 pm
>> bob! >> eric: you could be in the running -- all right, igoal. eric bobarick is next. president obama said something important today and i hope he takes his own advice. listen to this. like most americans the second amendment has individual guarantee for the right to bear arms. many cherish the right to bear arm for hunting or sport or protection or collection. >> eric: yes, sir. there are many of us. andrea is up? >> andrea: do you get solicited by women now? >> bob: what? >> andrea: do you get solicited by women? >> bob: a few. >> bob: so you are doing okay. in the presidential election, romney came out and he had an
2:59 pm
add that said chrysler would ship jobs to china. push back on the ad. we fought. the ceo said no way this is happening. romney a liar. there is a deal t build them in china. >> greg: dana perino, greg gutfeld, eric shawn and lori rothmanbe, known as the fox news shorties. we're slowly taking over as congressman of ohio dennis kucinich is fox news contributor. he's also a shortie. barely reaching 4'6". slightly taller than dana. >> dana: television is a great place for us. >> andrea: at least you see eye to eye. >> eric: last but not least, bobaganush?


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